I wasn't born a Delinquent. Something happened along the way that caused me great pain and trauma, which created anger and hate. I tried to numb the pain with a self destructive lifestyle but the deeper I got, the more pain it caused until I forgot why I started in the first place. I spent 10 years of my life loyal to the streets living a life of crime, earning respect from the higher ups, but the higher I got up the ladder, the further I was from what I truly valued until I lost it all.

It was that go big or go home moment. A once in a lifetime blip where I truly saw my life flash before my eyes and it wasn't pretty. I knew that if I didn’t jump on this wake up call it may never come again. My values changed and I decided to go all in. Thus began my journey to fix the last 10 years of my life while creating a new version of myself.

In school the last grade I completed was grade 6. I was transferred into many other grades, even high school due to my age, but never got any credits. By grade 10 I was expelled for good, but by then I had already went all in on the street life.

After my life of crime I did the 9-5 thing, but with a criminal record as long as my arm the only jobs I got were minimum wage labour jobs. I later applied and got accepted to University. they said "we will give you a chance, if you can keep up, you can stay". 2 years in they told me I had an UNATTAINABLE goal and I should go for plan b or they were sending me packing. Living with ADHD I knew I had to give it 110 percent if I wanted to succeed. There were so many factors working against me, but I pushed my limits and fought for my success. I graduated 3 years later with a Bachelors Degree in History. I thought the struggle was over, but even with a degree, I still couldn't get a career because I was still considered a criminal. I decided to beat them at their own game so I went to college and got a 2 year diploma in the Justice field. Now I can help people like me who want change. I have achieved many of my goals, but the struggle continues. I stay focused and keep pushing forward everyday.

I have a beautiful wife who has been with me through all my struggles. She is my true angel. I am a father of three of the most amazing kids I have ever known. My father now trusts me with his life and he is one of my best friends. I've built a good bond with my in-laws. My siblings are now proud of me and we have a solid relationship.                                               

I now take responsibility for my own action and have a new perception on life. I now finally have more years on this side of the tracks than the other. I work hard everyday to help people love themselves and be self-aware; to align their actions with their morals and values, and to be the best versions of themselves in every aspect of life.

I take barriers and struggles as challenges to push myself out of my comfort zone, to grow stronger and embrace my journey to success. I learned to move forward no matter the sacrifices and even now any worst day on this side of the tracks is better than any good day on the wrong side. I am forever grateful for my second chance at life and I will not waste another second feeling like a victim of my own destruction. 

For a deeper look into my Journey as a Reformed Delinquent follow my blog.


With Love