"I spent 10 years living a self-destructive lifestyle. Do crime for substances to numb the pain and fund the lifestyle, go to jail for the crimes get out and repeat."


..."It’s like selling your soul to the devil, then 10 years later wanting it back."

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Reformed Delinquent

"I no longer desired the respect from the streets I bled on. I desired respect from the people I was hurting the most."


"I knew that if fear is the only thing holding me back, then I have to go for it. I no longer go to sleep at night regretting things I can control."


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I started the brand to stand up to the stereotypes of a delinquent for life or a lost cause due to my past. The whole, "once a criminal, always a criminal" stuck with me so much I believed it. I truly felt I didn't deserve success or happiness; like I belonged on the bottom. I am living proof anyone can change. I was bullied my whole childhood, I overcame, addiction, suicidal ideation, childhood trauma, and always struggled with mental health issues. I want to give others like me HOPE that they can overcome their barriers and struggles and be the HERO of their own story. ReformedDelinquent®

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