..."It’s like selling your soul to the devil, then 10 years later wanting it back."

About Me
Reformed Delinquent

"I no longer desired the respect from the streets I bled on. I desired respect from the people I was hurting the most."


"I spent 10 years living a self-destructive lifestyle. Do crime for substances to numb the pain and fund the lifestyle, go to jail for the crimes get out and repeat."



I started the brand to stand up to the stereotypes of a delinquent for life or a lost cause due to my past. The whole, "once a criminal, always a criminal" stuck with me so much I believed it. I truly felt I didn't deserve success or happiness; like I belonged on the bottom. I am living proof anyone can change. I was bullied my whole childhood, I overcame, addiction, suicidal ideation, childhood trauma, and always struggled with mental health issues. I want to give others like me HOPE that they can overcome their barriers and struggles and be the HERO of their own story. ReformedDelinquent®

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