Fuck Barriers

Fuck barriers, and comfort zone bullshit. Just remove them entirely because its just another limitation you give yourself as an excuse as to why you CAN’T do something. If its positive you have to go for it, end of story.

Since I was 13 years old I have had a criminal record. 10 years later I turned my life around, but due to my past I felt so labeled that I put constant limitations on myself and always felt I needed a pardon before my life could start. This is one of the many barriers I put on myself.

I feared I would always be seen as a criminal, a lost cause, a delinquent that can’t be trusted. I Tried to follow the stereo typical norm and try to fit in, but sometimes its hard to relate to everyday people when all you’ve been doing for the last 10 years is be loyal to the streets and live cold and angry. I felt I had to pretend it never happened.

As soon as I started being a yes man and getting out of my comfort zone, my life changed drastically. My comfort zone grew bigger and more opportunities came from it. That’s when I knew that if I can do things that I thought weren’t possible to me, I can now achieve the impossible. It became a new fear that whatever I put my mind to I can achieve. So where do you draw the line if you don’t want a line? I knew that if fear is the only thing holding me back, then I have to go for it. I no longer go to sleep at night regretting things I can control. I work towards all my goals not just the easy ones and at the end of the day I feel a sense fulfillment that I do my best.

Do what you’re afraid to do and eliminate the fears you put on yourself.

With Love


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