I Never Planned on Living This Long

You see, I never planned on living this long, but I made a choice to do so, to not repeat what happened to me to my kids. Was I really going to be that guy that says ‘fuck it I’m gonna keep doing me’. Fuck no. Was it easy? Fuck no. Think about it.. I’m running the streets for 10 years from 13 – 23, so when kids are playing sports and learning all this shit in school, creating these long lasting friendships and building on skills; I’m runnin the streets robing, stealing and learning how to dodge the cops and trying to keep up with 100 lies. The things I could have accomplished in that 10 years!! I didn’t...

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Fuck Barriers

Fuck barriers, and comfort zone bullshit. Just remove them entirely because its just another limitation you give yourself as an excuse as to why you CAN’T do something. If its positive you have to go for it, end of story. Since I was 13 years old I have had a criminal record. 10 years later I turned my life around, but due to my past I felt so labeled that I put constant limitations on myself and always felt I needed a pardon before my life could start. This is one of the many barriers I put on myself. I feared I would always be seen as a criminal, a lost cause, a delinquent that can’t be trusted. I Tried...

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The Day I Picked up my Mugshots

  Let’s go back to the day I picked up my mugshots. Holy shit my heart was pounding. Seeing pictures with dates and charges pertaining to the arrests. Rewind back to the day it was so random but I heard police kept all mugshots on file so I went down to the local station and asked if they kept all mugshots. She said yes. They made me fill out a request form Describing exactly what I wanted and why. I wrote a request for any mugshot you have a record of including dates and charges pertaining to. She said if there’s anything they’ll call you. All the while I could barely write it. My hands were shaking and I was having...

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