The Day I Picked up my Mugshots

  Let’s go back to the day I picked up my mugshots. Holy shit my heart was pounding. Seeing pictures with dates and charges pertaining to the arrests. Rewind back to the day it was so random but I heard police kept all mugshots on file so I went down to the local station and asked if they kept all mugshots. She said yes. They made me fill out a request form Describing exactly what I wanted and why. I wrote a request for any mugshot you have a record of including dates and charges pertaining to. She said if there’s anything they’ll call you. All the while I could barely write it. My hands were shaking and I was having...

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Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog, My blog is where I use my life experiences as a Reformed Delinquent to help others break down the same barriers I did and the ones I am still working on. To show how someone with a bad past or past pain can change their perception on life, become the best version of themselves and find true happiness. I write with love. Writing about my past is painful, but it’s meant to be positive no matter how much it hurts. Love is Pain so I write.. With Love Jimmy

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I Changed for Love

If you truly want to change, first you need to know WHY you’re choosing to change. For me it was a change in values. I no longer desired the respect from the streets I bled on. I desired respect from the people I was hurting the most. The ones who loved me unconditionally and had my back no matter what. I changed for LOVE.

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